If you have recently moved into a new home or are simply re-doing your space, you may be searching for the perfect furniture. According to Okinus Credit Solutions, after a house and a car, furniture is the third most expensive item that people purchase during their lifetime. You want to select furniture that not only lasts but looks perfect in your space as well. Here are some tips that can help you select the perfect color of furniture for your home when you visit a furniture showroom.

Take Into Account Your Desired Color Scheme

The first thing that you want to do when selecting the right colors of furniture for your space is to think about your desired color scheme. For example, if you want a beach style, you may want to look at blues, tans, and creams. If you want a more modern look, consider items in navy and gold. Having a color scheme or theme in your mind ensures you pick furniture that fits in with the desired look of your space.

Consider the Room Size

Now that you have a theme or a color scheme in mind, you want to consider the size of the room you are furnishing. As a general rule of thumb, if your space is small, you want to select light-colored furniture. Dark colors can quickly overwhelm a small space. On the flip side, if your room is large, selecting dark furniture colors can help to make a space feel cozier.

Think About Natural Light

Lastly, you need to consider the amount of natural light a room gets. If your space gets minimal natural light, you may want to select brighter colors of furniture, such as bright white or silver metal. These colors reflect white and make a space feel brighter and more airy.

There are numerous factors that go into selecting the best furniture for your space. You need to take into account the material the furniture is made from, the style of furniture, the size of the furniture, and the color of the furniture. While there are many elements to consider, you don’t have to make this decision alone. The professionals at your local furniture showroom can work with you to select the perfect furniture for your home. If you’re searching for new furniture, visit our furniture showroom at Desert Design Center today.

You may be wondering how long you can expect the furniture in your home to last. According to The Spruce, a sofa purchased today typically lasts between seven and 15 years. However, the presence of pets in the house may decrease this lifespan. Fortunately, you can easily find attractive pieces of pet-friendly furniture at discount furniture stores. It’s just a matter of knowing what to pick. Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right furniture if you have a dog or cat.

1. Check the Material

One important thing to keep in mind is that some furniture materials are more resistant to pet damage than others. You don’t want materials that will attract pet hair, so things like micro suede and velvet are out. Instead, opt for durable fabrics, like sturdy leather. This will make it easier for your furniture to withstand damage like claw scratches and stay looking great for years to come.

2. Choose Colors and Patterns Strategically

Patterns can be excellent at hiding things like hair or dirt. You should have no problem finding patterns you like at discount furniture stores, but if you prefer solid colors, black or dark brown are your best choices, as they hide flaws better than lighter shades. Conversely, white will make it easy to see any dirt or hair on your furniture, so you should avoid it at all costs.

3. Consider the Upkeep

Sometimes pets can make messes on cushions, but it can be difficult to clean up these messes by hand. Before buying an item like a couch or chair, see if you can take the cushions off and put them in a washing machine. If that’s not the case, consider getting a nice-looking slipcover that you can take off and wash before putting it back on the furniture.

By keeping the above tips in mind when you visit discount furniture stores, you should have no problem finding the perfect pet-friendly furniture. If you’re looking for one or more new furniture pieces for your home, check out the selection at Desert Design Center today, or contact us to learn more about our available products. We look forward to helping you take your home design to the next level!

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Purchasing your first home is an exciting step. Now that you’ve signed the paperwork, it’s time to start decorating. One of the first things you’ll need to do is decide on furniture. These six tips will ensure that you have a home you’re in love with.

1. Test the Furniture

While shopping at a local furniture store, it’s always essential to test the furniture before you buy it. Sit on the couches. Ask the salesman if it’s okay to lie on the bed. Everyone has a preference regarding what they think is comfortable, so it’s essential to ensure that you feel the furniture you buy is cozy.

2. Develop Color Palettes

While shopping, you’ll discover furniture in every color. That’s why developing a color palette before heading to the store is essential. This can help narrow the selection of available furniture and ensure a cohesive color scheme throughout the house. If you’re unsure which colors pair well, check out ideas on Pinterest or hire an interior designer.

3. Decide on Priorities

It’s crucial to prioritize furniture when going shopping. Buy the necessities first. For example, you’ll need a dining or kitchen table, bed, and living room furniture to sit on. Making a list of the necessities before going shopping can help you stay focused on which furniture to purchase first.

4. Plan the Room

Planning before shopping is something first-time homeowners must do. Decide where you would like certain furniture pieces and what type will work best for your family. Ensure ample space for walkways or children to run through the room. Drawing a map of the room is a great way to do this.

5. Remember to Measure

There’s nothing worse than purchasing new furniture only to discover that it doesn’t fit in the space properly or you can’t get it through the door. Carefully measure the area you want the furniture. Then, take the time to measure the doors and windows going into the house to ensure you can get the furniture inside.

6. Pick a Style

According to a survey by Home Stratosphere, 29% of living rooms have a contemporary style. However, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional style or rustic decor. Take the time to decide on your preferred type before going shopping. You can mix and match styles for added flair, too.

That’s it! By following this style guide, we hope that your home decorating phase is a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. Remember, there’s no wrong way to go about it. We have a wide variety of furniture at our furniture store to help you furnish your new house. Contact us for more information today.

Are you moving into a new home that needs new items? Do you simply want to overhaul your interior design? Knowing what to look for in a furniture warehouse is a good place to start. Many other Americans are doing the same type of shopping; in fact, according to Statista, bedroom furniture alone brought in $127 billion in revenue in 2021. If you’re on the hunt for a new bedroom or kitchen set or any other type of furniture, here are some qualities a seller should have.


You need furniture that’s well made and that you feel comfortable sitting on. Make sure you find a reliable furniture provider with a good reputation for supplying quality products. A quick scan of the online reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Reddit, and Google can provide an overview of what other customers think.

Good Customer Service

If you call or email a store with questions or go in to look at products, you should feel comfortable communicating with professionals on staff. They should always be willing to answer questions and be knowledgeable about the furniture items for sale.

Competitive Pricing

Try comparing the prices of more than one furniture warehouse. Doing so can help you see if a store offers competitive pricing. No matter how much you want that leather couch, cherry wood table, or canopied king-size bed, you don’t want to get taken advantage of.

Range of Selection

A good furniture warehouse will have a nice range of items for customers to consider. Even if they specialize in one type of furniture, such as kitchen furniture or bedroom items, they should have a range of styles and brands to consider.

Discounts and Deals

Who doesn’t want a good deal, especially with large purchases like furniture? Furniture stores are great places to shop during the summer or holidays for special sales. They may have discounts for new customers, returning customers, or those buying more than one item. Check a store’s website or social media sites to get an idea of past sales.

Shopping for new furniture should be a fun experience in which you can have fun browsing the many different styles and brands before making a final decision. Choosing the right furniture warehouse is essential to ensure you get what you need. If you’re ready to revamp your home with some new furniture, contact Desert Design Center or visit our store today.