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Purchasing your first home is an exciting step. Now that you’ve signed the paperwork, it’s time to start decorating. One of the first things you’ll need to do is decide on furniture. These six tips will ensure that you have a home you’re in love with.

1. Test the Furniture

While shopping at a local furniture store, it’s always essential to test the furniture before you buy it. Sit on the couches. Ask the salesman if it’s okay to lie on the bed. Everyone has a preference regarding what they think is comfortable, so it’s essential to ensure that you feel the furniture you buy is cozy.

2. Develop Color Palettes

While shopping, you’ll discover furniture in every color. That’s why developing a color palette before heading to the store is essential. This can help narrow the selection of available furniture and ensure a cohesive color scheme throughout the house. If you’re unsure which colors pair well, check out ideas on Pinterest or hire an interior designer.

3. Decide on Priorities

It’s crucial to prioritize furniture when going shopping. Buy the necessities first. For example, you’ll need a dining or kitchen table, bed, and living room furniture to sit on. Making a list of the necessities before going shopping can help you stay focused on which furniture to purchase first.

4. Plan the Room

Planning before shopping is something first-time homeowners must do. Decide where you would like certain furniture pieces and what type will work best for your family. Ensure ample space for walkways or children to run through the room. Drawing a map of the room is a great way to do this.

5. Remember to Measure

There’s nothing worse than purchasing new furniture only to discover that it doesn’t fit in the space properly or you can’t get it through the door. Carefully measure the area you want the furniture. Then, take the time to measure the doors and windows going into the house to ensure you can get the furniture inside.

6. Pick a Style

According to a survey by Home Stratosphere, 29% of living rooms have a contemporary style. However, there’s nothing wrong with a traditional style or rustic decor. Take the time to decide on your preferred type before going shopping. You can mix and match styles for added flair, too.

That’s it! By following this style guide, we hope that your home decorating phase is a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. Remember, there’s no wrong way to go about it. We have a wide variety of furniture at our furniture store to help you furnish your new house. Contact us for more information today.

Are you moving into a new home that needs new items? Do you simply want to overhaul your interior design? Knowing what to look for in a furniture warehouse is a good place to start. Many other Americans are doing the same type of shopping; in fact, according to Statista, bedroom furniture alone brought in $127 billion in revenue in 2021. If you’re on the hunt for a new bedroom or kitchen set or any other type of furniture, here are some qualities a seller should have.


You need furniture that’s well made and that you feel comfortable sitting on. Make sure you find a reliable furniture provider with a good reputation for supplying quality products. A quick scan of the online reviews on sites like Trustpilot, Reddit, and Google can provide an overview of what other customers think.

Good Customer Service

If you call or email a store with questions or go in to look at products, you should feel comfortable communicating with professionals on staff. They should always be willing to answer questions and be knowledgeable about the furniture items for sale.

Competitive Pricing

Try comparing the prices of more than one furniture warehouse. Doing so can help you see if a store offers competitive pricing. No matter how much you want that leather couch, cherry wood table, or canopied king-size bed, you don’t want to get taken advantage of.

Range of Selection

A good furniture warehouse will have a nice range of items for customers to consider. Even if they specialize in one type of furniture, such as kitchen furniture or bedroom items, they should have a range of styles and brands to consider.

Discounts and Deals

Who doesn’t want a good deal, especially with large purchases like furniture? Furniture stores are great places to shop during the summer or holidays for special sales. They may have discounts for new customers, returning customers, or those buying more than one item. Check a store’s website or social media sites to get an idea of past sales.

Shopping for new furniture should be a fun experience in which you can have fun browsing the many different styles and brands before making a final decision. Choosing the right furniture warehouse is essential to ensure you get what you need. If you’re ready to revamp your home with some new furniture, contact Desert Design Center or visit our store today.

Purchasing furniture online has become more popular, but that doesn’t mean furniture showrooms are outdated. Today, millions are opting to purchase from furniture stores instead. In fact, according to Statista, United States furniture store sales reached a whopping $13.31 billion in 2021. There are several reasons why, which you’ll learn about in this blog.

1. Test the Furniture

Visiting a showroom allows you to test the furniture before you purchase it. Lay on mattresses and sit on couches to ensure they are comfortable. Adjust office chairs to ensure they will work well with your height and desk height. Feel the fabric to ensure it won’t irritate little ones with sensory issues. You won’t be able to test furniture when purchasing it online.

2. Explore Other Options

When one piece of furniture doesn’t suit your needs, you don’t have to spend an hour searching online to find another brown couch that reclines. Instead, you can easily walk around a furniture showroom to see and test all the business’s available options. This increases the customer experience and lets you quickly view available options.

3. Speak With Representatives

When you have a question, reaching someone online can be a pain. Often, you’ll need to send an email, and then you’ll have to wait until the next day for them to get back to you. However, you can talk to a live person when you visit a furniture store. They’ll answer any questions you have and can discuss options if there isn’t something in the showroom you like.

4. Design Inspiration

One of the awesome things about a furniture showroom is that the showroom will have a furniture display like most people would in a living room. This includes rugs, tables, pillows, accessories, and possibly paintings. It can help you easily design your space. As a bonus, some businesses will also sell the accessories on the showroom floor if you’re already buying the furniture.

5. Easier Returns

Returning an item you purchased online can often involve shipping the item back. Most businesses require that you pay a non-refundable shipping and handling fee. When you visit a furniture business, you’re less likely to want to return the furniture because you could test it first. If you do, load it up and take it back!

Visiting a furniture showroom offers several benefits. If you’re looking for a high-quality furniture store in Arizona, look no further! Contact our team at Desert Design Center to learn more.

kids' furniture

As your child grows in age, it may be time to invest in new furniture for them. Before you start shopping around, there are a few important considerations. Here is a rundown of the six most essential things to think about with kids furniture.

1. Size

Don’t make the mistake of buying something too big for the room. According to Sleep Foundation, standard queen bed dimensions are 60 inches by 80 inches. As you consider that measurement, make sure you have space for other furniture in the room. Your child should be comfortable enough to move around without bumping into things.

2. Budget

All furniture isn’t priced the same. You may need to shop around a bit to find kids’ furniture that fits your price restrictions. You can find something that is durable and well-made that also fits within your budget limits.

3. Safety

Of course, you want to keep your child safe. Invest in quality furniture that won’t break when they sit or lie down on it. You don’t want things that will topple over easily and can hurt them. Try to find furniture you can secure to a wall or the floor. The type of materials you use also impacts the safety of kids’ furniture. You want something sturdy, such as metal frames or wood. If it’s too delicate, it’ll be way too easy for kids to break, especially if they’re jumping around and having fun.

4. Style

Bear in mind the personal aesthetic that your child prefers. You also want something age appropriate. Does your child have a favorite color or design? Take these all into consideration when choosing the right set for their bedroom. Unless you don’t mind buying different sets for different periods in their life, think of something that will fit well in their room even as they grow older. Your budding teen may no longer feel comfortable with a cartoon bedroom set.

As with clothing, buying furniture for your children involves accounting for their growth, gender, personal tastes, and more. There are many options for buying the right furniture for your child, so make sure you look around and make the right decision. Make things easy and start your search at Desert Design Center. We look forward to helping you furnish your kid’s room today.