Kids bedroom furniture

The latest trends in children’s bedroom furniture will help you design the layout of the room. The furniture that you choose will be important to the style and amount of space the room has. Most bedrooms for children today have a study area and sleeping area. Storage for clothing, toys, and school supplies requires shelves and cabinets. Kids bedroom furniture is designed for small, medium, and large rooms.

Add a Study Space

A study space in the room will give your children their own space to study and concentrate. You will need a desk with drawers and a comfortable chair to start with. The spaces should be measured to fit the space in your room. For storage, you can have cabinets nearby or bookshelves that fit against the wall. There are many styles of desks that can hold laptops or computers. These desks sold will be painted in different colors or made of different types of wood that are stained and protected. They are designed to fit spaces efficiently. A study area should be set up near a window with natural light. Choose lamps that use LED bulbs for study areas as they are energy efficient.

Beds and Dressers for Sleeping Areas

With two children in the room, twin or bunk beds give them their own space and create more room for both children. Bunk beds come in unique styles to fit all types of rooms and shapes. They are usually placed against the wall to save space. Dressers are often sold with a bed in sets that match. A larger room for one child can have a full bed, dresser, and study area. Wall art can add a decorative touch to any bedroom and choosing a pastel or neutral color for the walls will brighten the room.

Play Areas and Furniture

A play area is often a different room for hobbies and recreation. Decorate it with tables and chairs for working on creative projects. A play area can have bookcases, shelves, closets, wall art, and an entertainment system. Some larger bedrooms can incorporate a play area into a bedroom with kids bedroom furniture. These large rooms may be able to be divided using partitions. A play area in a bedroom might have a wood chest or cabinet to store toys when not in use.

Stop by our store to learn about the latest trends in kids bedroom furniture for 2021-2022. Since furniture is the third most expensive item homeowners spend their money on, we offer financing options. We want to help you improve your children’s bedrooms.

How to Choose the Right Mattress

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One major purchase in life is buying a mattress. The right mattress makes a big difference to whether you have a good night’s sleep or a restless one. It’s best to buy a mattress that provides the best comfort and support for your body.

With the sizable cost of mattresses, you want to choose wisely and be informed about the investment you’re making. There are some key factors to use when you’re selecting a mattress. Before visiting a furniture showroom, keep these factors in mind when making your final choice for a mattress.

1. Explore the different types of mattresses

Mattresses today are made from a variety of sources, including foam, innerspring, hybrid of foam and innerspring, latex, and airbed. Figure out the pros and cons of each type to see which suits your needs. Think about the level of firmness you want and need for your body. This affects back pain relief or other issues you may have and can be relieved with a great mattress.

2. What is your main sleeping position?

One key insight is thinking about what position you fall asleep in and which position you wake up in. If you sleep on your back, you will need a medium-firm mattress that does light contouring for your torso and back. This avoids the U-shape a soft mattress will create. For side sleepers, a too-soft mattress creates a dip in line with the spine. A too-firm mattress will risk misalignment. Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress for less pressure on the lumbar spine and to improve breathing.

3. Your body size and weight

For people who weigh under 130 pounds, a soft mattress is best, since they don’t sink that far into a mattress. If you weigh between 130-230 pounds can use the mattress firmness based on their sleep position and could use a hybrid with foam and innerspring. If you weigh over 230 pounds, a firm mattress is best to prevent sinking into the mattress.

4. Pricing

Mattresses range in price from $600 with innerspring and foam being the least expensive. The high-end prices are latex and airbed mattresses. Think about your bedroom budget since a mattress is a long-term investment.

When visiting a furniture showroom use these factors when choosing a mattress, making your shopping experience beneficial for you.

5 Signs it is Time to Buy a New Sofa


The average lifespan of a sofa, if you purchase it today, is about seven to 15 years, and if your current sofa is between these ages, you may want to start looking for signs that it’s time to upgrade. When it comes to furniture, you want to make sure it is comfy and still looks nice. Here are five of the most common signs that your sofa is begging for retirement.

1. Creaking When You Sit

If your current sofa is creaking more than your knees after a long workout every time you sit down, it may be time to consider replacing it. Creaking, popping, and cracking are all signs that there is structural damage and it’s not going to last much longer. Unless your current sofa is a valuable antique, it’s probably best to replace the whole thing instead of looking into repairs.

2. Sagging That Won’t Straighten Out

Sagging cushions aren’t a sign that your couch is accommodating your favorite seating position, it’s actually a sign that it has outlived its usefulness. When sitting down, the cushions are worn and unable to provide the proper support that you need, so it’s best to look at replacing it instead of trying to fluff up the old cushions.

3. A Funky Smell

All sorts of furniture can absorb all kinds of scents, from spilled drinks and food to pet accidents and sweat. After a while, this all contributes to giving your couch a lasting funky smell that no amount of cleaning will help get rid of. At this point, deodorizers can only do so much and it’s best to just replace the whole thing and start over.

4. Stains and Wear

Things are going to get spilled on your couch, and if you have children or pets, the stains will just keep on coming. Between messes and frequent use, your upholstery can get worn down, and while you can reupholster it, unless the couch is valuable, replacing it is usually your best bet.

5. It’s Too Big (or Small)

Situations change and sometimes your old sofa just can’t keep up. If you move to a smaller place, your current sofa may be too big and bulky to fit comfortably in your new home. Similarly, if you have a growing family, it may end up being too small to comfortably hold everyone for movie night. If the size is the problem, your best bet is to replace it with one that better suits your needs.

Your couch is one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home, and while you may be fond of it, sometimes it’s time to say goodbye. If you’ve noticed any of these five signs on your current sofa, consider replacing it soon so that you can increase your comfort and improve the look of your living space.

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Data from a recent survey done by Home Stratosphere shows that 29% of all living rooms are contemporary. While this is a modern style, it also means people aren’t being as creative when buying furniture for sale. If you are interested in creating your own personal beautiful-looking living room, in a style that you like, here are some tips for choosing an aesthetic for your living room furniture.

Think About the Feel You Want in Your Living Room

Before you go out in search of furniture for sale, you should consider how you want to feel in your living room. Ideally, a living room should exude warmth and be a cozy space where you can easily relax. This is why you need to invest in aesthetically superior furniture pieces. In addition, you need to choose colors and unique furnishings that complement each other. If you manage to do this, you will establish a theme in your living room, and visitors will also feel relaxed and content.

Build Around a Focal Object.

This is an effective tip that will help you create a beautifully themed living room. At first, you shouldn’t worry about everything being perfect. Instead, go for a statement piece that will then set the tone for the rest of the living room. Once you start building your living room around that piece, you will see that it will be easier for everything else to fall into place. For instance, you can start by choosing an exotic rug or a sectional in a fun color. The next step would be to find furnishings and accessories that match the color and mood of your focal piece.

Play With Color

Color is very useful when it comes to designing a space. It can help you set a specific mood or amplify an existing piece of furniture. As you work out your color scheme, choose colors that will help get your living room’s mood right. You can also consider pairing neutral colors will colors that pop. This will give your living room that mid-century vibe. You can also pick warm colors to induce some coziness and personality in the living room. Think of colors like red and orange. On the other hand, if you want to establish a sense of calmness, you might want to go for the blues and greens.

Following these tips, you can choose furniture pieces that not only complement each other but bring life to your living room. If you are looking for furniture for sale, reach out to us here at Desert Design Center today.